The Poly Challenge2019-09-26T18:13:21-05:00

No Risk. No Obligation. No Gimmicks.

The Poly Challenge’s  Multi-Line Phone System comes with all Advanced features at no extra cost

Here’s How It Works

  1. Sign up for your 30-day FREE TRIAL with our interactive calendar. Choose a date and book your time slot.

  2. A representative will be in contact with you with shortly to go over the details of the program.

  3. Our install team will show up on your scheduled date, install your new Poly phones, SD-WAN solution, and our blazing fast 4G LTE Failover solution. Our friendly staff will train your team on how to maximize all of the incredible features of our hosted platform to ensure your organization gets the most out of your free trial. After 30-days, you either keep all of the services, some of the services, or simply give them all back. No questions asked.

It’s THAT simple! What do you have to lose? Schedule your Challenge now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the Poly Challenge.

Can I keep my same office (main) number?2019-09-13T11:19:43-05:00

During the trial, you won’t even leave your existing provider. We will simply forward your main telephone number to a temporary number (provided by Kinect Communications). Your outbound calls will “reflect” your main number and caller ID to ensure that your customers don’t get confused. If you decide to continue with our phone service after the 30-day free trial, we will begin billing your company and port your main number(s) from your existing service provider to Kinect. But don’t worry, you (the customer) always own your own numbers.

Does it matter who my internet service provider (ISP) is?2019-09-13T11:20:26-05:00
Absolutely not, our service works over the public internet with any internet provider. There are, however, some basic requirements to ensure you have enough bandwidth to support multiple cloud applications. Our account representative can explain in more detail if you are unsure.
What if after the trial I only want to keep some of the services and not all of them?2019-09-15T10:23:41-05:00

That is perfectly fine with us. You can keep any or all of our services, that is strictly your choice. At such time we will simply remove the other services that you are not interested in and bill you for the ones that you want to keep.

Is there a minimum number of phones needed for the Poly Challenge?2019-09-15T10:26:38-05:00

Unfortunately, yes, there is. You must have at least 5 users in order to take advantage of this incredible offer. Sorry, even WE have some rules we need to follow.  However, please don’t let that discourage you from reaching out.  We have thousands of customers with only a couple of phones.  We can still provide you with any and all of these incredible services and do so with a smile on our face.

What happens if I want to keep the services, phones, etc. but can’t afford them?2019-09-13T11:22:00-05:00

Great question. Kinect Communications has several different financing offers to ensure we can get your business the equipment you need with little or no upfront costs.

I use an IT company (or Managed Service Provider) to handle my network, will that be a problem?2019-09-15T10:27:46-05:00

Of course not! We are adept at working with your vendors to ensure the transition and Challenge go smoothly. We will simply coordinate with said vendor and make sure that they are aligned with the TRIAL changes that will be taking place to your network.

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